My 2018 Goals

I've decided to share my 2018 SMART goals in hopes of holding myself accountable and giving others the opportunity to help me achieve my goals. I will try to keep this updated daily.


Reminders to myself about how to be better

Talk less, listen more.
Do the right thing, always.
Make long-term decisions.
If you start something, finish it.


Run/Jog a 5k

Jog/run an entire 5k race without stopping or walking
.8 miles (1.3k)

100 Pushups in a row

Be able to do 100 perfect-form pushups in a row without stopping

Build an Aquaponics setup

Build a self-monitoring aquaponics setup growing at least 10 plants.
Not Yet Started

Attend 20 Town Meetings

Attend 20 town-related meetings. Council, Open Space Committee, Board of Ed, PTA.

Read 20 Books

YA level or higher

Declutter and Organize

(Long list of individual tasks, tracked elsewhere, TBD)