A bit about Nick

Professionally, I'm a problem solver and technology manager who's focused on web-development for most of my 20+ year career. I'm also a conference speaker.

Non-professionally, I'm an educator who is active on Twitter and YouTube. I'm a father, husband, maker, and volunteer through Rotary and CERT.

I have an Etsy store where I sell some of the unique items I've made, and have even more tutorials on my YouTube channel.

Skills and Goals

I've been professionaly developing software for 20+ years. My strongest languages are PHP, JavaScript, HTML and CSS. I have had 2 video courses published with Packt Publishing teaching HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. I also have professional experience in Java and LUA, and have dabbled in a bunch of other languages. While I have strong coding skills, I believe that my strengths lie in being a teacher, mentor, cheerleader, and generalist. My experience with several start-ups has taught me to play Subject Matter Expert, BA, Product Owner, and Lead Developer all in one day.

As a side hobby, I build small electronics, some of which I sell, such as the Mad-Eye Moody Eye. I use either C or Python for development and post tutorial videos on my YouTube channel.

My goals are to speak at three conferences in 2020. I also want to run a music hack-a-thon in my town for kids and adults. Additionally, I want to add 10 more tutorials to my YouTube channel.